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Hello All!

I just started playing the server yesterday and thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm from the US, 33 and love books and Tortoises.

...and of course, Minecraft.

Looking forward to seeing everyone

P.S. How does one become a "member" of this server? I cannot use the shops, my minecraft skin is not showing, I cannot warp, etc. Info would be much appreciated!

HI Sosakan welcome to Oasis! Server is currently being upgraded so will be offline for no more than a day or two. To become a member you vote 3 times with /vote and click the links, you'll then get more perms to use. Do /warp info to see info on ranks.
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

Want to help the server grow by voting? Link here
Top Voters win prizes! - Top 5 voters win in game prizes Link here
If you are new to the server, make sure to read the rules! Link Here
Help support and grow our server by giving the server a diamond on planet minecraft! Link here 
Find out why Man Utd suck by asking me in game! Link here
The Oasis Skype & Discord chats! Link here
Oasis: Ranks, Perks, Commands & Server Warps! Link here
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welcome soskan...u picked the right server to join...folks on our server are very helpful frndly and respectful...but ur timing sux lol...u joined right when server started having issues,we are having server issues but all will be fixed and all wil be fine
I agree with everything dvaughan says
Welcome sosakan,

Yeah the timing is bad but it will be up and great soon.

I have been traveling for a few days and was looking forward to some serious work on my town! Now I must find another game until the server comes up.

Glad to see someone a little closer to my age.  I am 45 so still have a few years on you.  My son is 7 and I got him gaming early, but he got me Minecrafting!  Now I am hooked.

Again, welcome and see you around the server.  Many of us have shops with lots available that you may not always find at /warp market.  Check out /warp slew if you get a chance.

I'm still the 46...nice to see I'm not oldest fart in the game
Welcome sosakan!
Welcome sosakan! I'm a 60 year old fart!

jk I'm 11 xD
Tongue   LilBri
(11-29-2016, 10:04 PM)dvaughan Wrote: I'm still the 46...nice to see I'm not oldest fart in the game

Nice! Someone has me beat!
come join the oasis skype slew... geno posted it somewhere...try my desktop test server...I put it up cuz oasis is down just to have place to play.

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