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Oasis Steam Group! - Genocore - 10-10-2017

The Oasis Steam Group!
[Image: 2j298a1.png]

Join the Oasis steam group and play with oasis players & staff!

Click here to join!

Up for some fun with the staff? We play a number of other games and you're all more than welcome to play with us!! We use skype mic chat as well if you're interested but it's not a must. Lately we have been playing Left4Dead, MoveOrDie, Golf with Friends, Roblox games such as Phantom Forces and more!! 

Post in the steam group thread what times you play at along with your in game name if you're interested in playing with us! We'll send you a message sometime if we setup a game!

Also keep an eye on this page/steam group as we'll likely post updates from time to time before we play!

[Image: Screenshot_82.png]